Fashion show shenanigans

Well last saturday’s fashion show for Pins & Needles III was amazing.  This year I stayed back and dressed the girls and let me tell you it is quite an experience! Clothes, shoes flying everywhere, people shouting names of who is next.  I gained a new appreciation for those who have done it in the past as well as the other ladies and men who helped this year.  It amazed me how the gals look so calm on the runway.  You would never guess they just ripped off their last outfit and had three people dressing them, buckling shoes, zipping them up and buttoning buttons! So Fun!!  This year was an all vintage show and  we had fabulous people.  Atta Boy Vintage, Love Fox Vintage, Vintage Swag, Cheetah Girl Vintage, Clever Vintage, Sassy Sally’s, as well as us Voodoo Couture Vintage.

I have a few back stage photos and will try and get some of the actual show soon. Have a great Monday everyone!!!

About Voodoo Couture Vintage

Fresh, hip, vintage clothing from the 40's to the 90's for all lovers of vintage.
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1 Response to Fashion show shenanigans

  1. ciaralegale says:

    LOVE those fake lashes up there! Fire!


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