Cough, Cough

Ok I’m a little sick.  I have to admit it and just deal with it.  Just Hate not having a normal amount of energy…so annoying!!    So I am caught up on all the shows I had recorded, guess I can start on a book.  It’s one of those dry little tickle coughs that keep you up all night…you know the ones.  My poor husband listening to me all night and then having to go to work.  He said he slept ok though.  So I’m off to see if I can rest and re-coup.  Wish me luck!

About Voodoo Couture Vintage

Fresh, hip, vintage clothing from the 40's to the 90's for all lovers of vintage.
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2 Responses to Cough, Cough

  1. Kendra says:

    Love this post,
    your blog is really inspirational and I’ve actually saved many photos!
    Keep up the awesome work, i’ll be back regularly now 🙂

    Hope you can check mine out too and follow even,

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